A month ago I had no interest in gardening and now I have 16 seed germination stations and 96 pots of succulents. Last year my friend gave me a small arrangement of succulents and I looked after them loosely, occasionally watering them but otherwise I just let them do their thing. But the parasite of succulent addiction wormed itself into my subconscious and festered there, waiting for the day when it would explode out of dormancy and take over my brain.

I’ve been taking countless photos of the succulents in my collection and I’d like to identify and catalog all of them; these will come in future posts. I have also recently progressed from buying small plants to buying and sowing seeds. Currently I have sown three types of succulent seed: Echeveria Laui, Monilaria Moniliforme, and Aeonium Greenovia. I’ll document the sowing and growing process of that as well.

Besides for succulents, I have also sown a number of vegetable seeds:

Succulent seeds, okra, peppers, corn, basil, tomatoes
My dad also had several packets of vegetable seeds from 2014 that I’m testing the viability of
Jelly Bean variety blueberries
I’ve been searching for passionfruit since November, finally acquired one.

So this is my blog where I’ll be tracking the progress of these plants and trying to figure out how to make them thrive. It could all be a massive failure but for now it seems like a healthier addiction than my previous one… Fire Emblem.