This is a gardening blog for me to document my first forays into gardening (not including all the seedlings I killed as a small child growing flowers in yogurt cups).

What began innocently as a small arrangement of succulents gifted from a friend eventually turned into five small hand-me-down arrangements I received when my sister moved away. This somehow turned into 10-20 small pots of cuttings I received when a family friend heard I was into succulents. I began to suspect I had a problem when I began to join succulent trading and selling groups on facebook.

One small thing lead to another as I began signing up for mail catalogs of plant seeds and visiting local succulent sales “just for fun”. Who was I kidding? I now have 96 pots of succulents and counting. I hope this tale serves as a precautionary fable for all you well-meaning aunts and neighbors. If you think it’s a good idea to give your loved one a succulent arrangement, don’t do it. It will only lead to a life of pain and late nights of heavy succulent-fueled withdrawal symptoms. Instead, try buying him or her a fun novelty facial mask or a pointy hat made of cat hair.

And then give those succulents you bought to me.


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